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Desert View’s approach to teaching is designed to develop students who are:

  • inquisitive 

  • self-assured

  • joyful

  • intrinsically motivated 

  • compassionate

  • adaptable

  • effective communicators

  • leaders

  • kind

  • problem solvers

  • independent thinkers

  • respectful

  • self-sufficient

  • playful

  • environmentally conscious

  • academically prepared

  • lifelong learners


The integrated curriculum at Desert View includes developing skills and concepts under subject headings of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, health, physical education, art, music, and drama. Teachers design individual programs for each child based on developmental needs and abilities. Especially in the early years, reading and math are taught on a one-to-one basis.  The school is well equipped with a large variety of hands-on materials for teaching science and math. In addition, the surrounding desert is used for studying the environment and the relationships between plants, animals and people.

Desert View is based on a philosophy of individualized instruction in a noncompetitive classroom atmosphere. The ratio of students to teachers is accordingly kept low. Children in the school range from 5 to 10 years of age in classes from kindergarten through fourth grade. Children of different ages are encouraged to work and play in a variety of flexible groupings and thus learn from each other. It is expected that parents will take an active interest in their child's education through activities such as volunteering in the classroom, driving on field trips, and doing special class activities.

Specialists in art, dance, music, drama, Spanish, and physical education are part of the permanent teaching staff.

"I really like the friendly atmosphere, and the teachers at Desert View are the best I’ve ever had.

At Desert View I learned how to be kind."


- Nora Finn, Class of 2022


"I like Desert View recess. Everyone tries to be a good sport."


- Declan Finn, Class of 2025

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