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Parent Participation

"I went to Desert View myself 30 years ago, and now my boys are students here.  The magic of this school is the balance they’ve found:  preserving childhood for just a little while longer, while also inspiring growth and a love for academics.  And it’s all done with such thoughtfulness for the individual student and their unique gifts and needs."

-Colleen Martin

Current parent and alumni

Parent involvement at DVLC provides a strong sense of community. Teachers engage in open communication with families to personalize learning and deepen instruction and content. Parents are provided with ongoing opportunities to participate in field trips, reading in the desert, and special events throughout the year. Parents also share values and traditions through meaningful experiences that enhance the program. Teachers regularly encourage families to volunteer to work with children and supplement what they are learning in the classroom.

The DVLC culture is one of respect and kindness. Through the leadership of the Director and Staff, DVLC’s standards are extended to our families to help them create a place of like-minded expectations in our community. Our school demonstrates behavior that inspires future outstanding citizens of our world. DVLC is a safe and loving learning haven for the young child. While DVLC provides space to learn, explore and develop, some non-negotiable boundaries and limits are set with students and parents. Clearly communicated procedures, expectations, and goals foster and sustain a strong community among families, teachers and staff.

Heading 1

Reading in the desert

"Desert View is a rare opportunity to have children experience nature and experience a warm, loving environment that guides their actions toward kindness and empathy.   The school helped both my sons, who are 16 years apart, have a broad, open perspective on life with a natural curiosity and love of nature.   They learned to approach problems calmly and analytically and have an excellent moral compass that guides all their decisions."

-Barton Faber

Former Parent

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