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DVLC Community Fund 2023-24

Our DVLC Community Fund provides the extras that tuition alone won’t cover. These funds allow for consistent updates to campus facilities, extra programming, and curriculum updates. Every dollar raised directly benefits students in different ways each year depending upon priorities and the amount raised. Such examples could include professional development for teachers, curriculum development, technology updates, arts education, and outdoor and indoor facility improvements. Families, staff, board members and alumni are encouraged to make a yearly pledge with a contribution that is appropriate for their family. Our goal is to have 100% participation, creating a culture of giving. Your generosity is truly appreciated by staff and students alike.  

DVLC has been designated as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS and therefore contributions to DVLC are tax deductible.

Donations are powered by Givebutter, the world’s first free end-to-end online fundraising platform. To keep the technology free for non-profit organizations like Desert View, Givebutter collects tips. These are 100% optional, and donors can edit or remove this from their donation during the checkout process. By keeping this feature "active," it allows DVLC to continue using the platform without any subscription fees.


A standard processing fee of 3% is applied to all online transactions on Givebutter. This fee is charged by the payment processor and allows donations to be securely transferred to DVLC, regardless of the payment method (credit card, Venmo, or PayPal). More than 95% of donors on Givebutter cover their transaction fees, so donations fully benefit the organization. Like tips, this is also optional and can be removed by donors at checkout.


Thank you so much for supporting our community!

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